WORK #7243
#7243 : led leaf lamp


The Be Collection's Leaf personal light has a thin profile and sculptural form for a sleek, intriguing look. Leaf Personal Light Simple and intuitive. Just touch to turn on/off; slide a finger along a groove in the base to adjust intensity and achieve the desired blend of warm and cool light. Energy-efficient LED technology. Leaf has 20 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for illumination; uses 8-9 watts of power, or 40 percent less than a compact fluorescent bulb; sheds full light for a minimum of 60,000 hours, eight times longer than conventional light sources. Elegant look. Blades are thin and sculptural for a light, organic form; five colors - black, white, red, nickel, polished aluminum - coordinate with a variety of settings. Very adjustable. The lower blade rotates 180 degrees and pivots 27.5 degrees forward and 23 degrees backward; upper blade pivots 210 degrees to extend for direct lighting or to fold for subtle, ambient lighting.




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