WORK #9770
#9770 : fittings


The most recent series of jewellery artist Silke Fleischer embraces the everyday object as a precious thing. In ‘Pickups’ and ‘Fittings’ she focuses and zooms in on our relation with mass-produced objects, usually lacking our attention, but intrinsically sharing a hidden and purposeful design. A lot of these ‘things’ do not even have a name, exemplary for their daily ‘invisibility’. By picking them up and de-contextualizing them, Fleischer is redefining these ‘objects’ to ‘things’ (referring to Martin Heidegger on ‘things’: a thing is an object we appropriate and link closely to our personal life). What she creates is above all a ‘rendez-vous’, a fortuitous encounter with a thing that was plucked from its habitual context and promoted to another status. Evelien Bracke




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