Lab Guidelines

Addictlab is a platform for creative thinkers regardless of culture or background, to showcase their work, discover work of others, to collaborate within so-called ‘labs’, to discuss, cocreate, generate new ideas and offer innovation to third parties. 

To help us keep the quality of our community high, please follow these guidelines when posting and sharing your work or engaging in conversations in the different labs you are joining or are invited to. If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please let us know via 

Profile and portfolio 

Please provide all adequate information, as requested on the registration of Addictlab. Do not make info public that you want to keep private  such as your cell phone number.

Your portfolio is to share your creative work. Do not upload or share other people’s work that you like on your portfolio. By posting work on your portfolio you acknowledge that it is your work, and you hold all IP rights for it

Add your disciplines and competences 

Profiling is an important step in the ADDICTLAB methodology. This site features a profiling system based on Addictlab's table of human creative capabilities, its well known Mendeljev-like table. Simply click on the elements or sections that fit you. You can present yourself showing the disciplines you are active in, professionally, or you are passionate about. Because sometimes, those aren’t the same. People will be able to find you better in the database via the search function when looking for disciplines. And when setting up teams and inviting people for labs, we select our team members based on the personal interest and professional skill you have mentioned on your profile. 

Join a hub 

You can link yourself to a physical location mentioned as ‘hub’ on the app. The list of hubs will grow as we roll out the concept. Linking you to a physical hub means you become part of a community that is driven by a location, city or building. You then can be invited to join certain local labs opened by ‘your’ hub. You will be listed as a labmember on the Hub’s page. Linking you to a hub does not entail any contract between you and the hub. There is no obligation of delivery of services what so ever, from you to the hub or vice versa. If you have no affiliation with the hubs mentioned, select the ‘no hub – cloud member’ option and you become part of the Addictlab ‘cloud’ community.  

About ground vs cloud : A local (or ground) lab has the advantage of being linked to a space, a hub, a room, a city, basically any geographical identity.
 A cloud lab, on the other hand, has the advantage of being clearly open to contributors from all over the world, regardless background, culture, disciplines and more.
 Ground and cloud labs are no contradiction, quite on the contrary : they reinforce themselves when combined. 

Local lab? Let’s have coffee. The local lab makes the research tangible, the community reachable and allows for the creation of an inspirational environment. In fact, every lab should have a physical appearance somewhere, sometime, somehow. As a local lab, this physical status is a condition sine qua non. 

Compared to cloud labs, local labs have extra activities to plan. Brainstorm sessions, maker community, local talent research, exhibitions. In fact, a publication with lab results of a cloud lab can turn into a manual of an exhibition in a ground lab.  Local lab meetings with contributors can turn into informal or inspirational get-togethers, and an idea wall installed in a local lab space with coincidental people passing by can turn out to be the most fruitful input for a lab project. 

A local lab answers to the need of a ‘hands on’ mentality in a lab culture. Create, touch, make. The local lab responsible is called the Lab Ambassador. He or she is the local contact person who keeps the lab active by managing the local community and being the liaison officer between the active ground & cloud labs. 

When you want to register as Lab Ambassador, please get in contact bia as we have to set up your hub first.



Addictlab features a ‘like’-system visualized by a heart icon that you will find on people’s work or on issues mentioned in labs. The heart icon works as a toggling button: click once and you’ll add a ‘like’ heart, click again and your like will be deleted. 


Labs are specific research platforms, set up by a Lab Owner or manager. The overall idea of ADDICTLAB is to bring together people in a lab environment to discuss in an open manner, to engage in a dialogue and cocreate.  Depending the sort of lab, a lab community can be very small or very large in view of contributing people. As a YOLA lab member, you can join in ‘open’ labs, or be invited to ‘confidential’ labs.  Starting a lab project is also possible, conditions apply.  

Setting up a Project 

Setting up a lab involves an agreement between the lab owner and  LAB001/LAB002. This agreement has terms on size, duration, budget, partners and sponsoring, and could involve some sort of financial agreement between your organization or company and LAB001. Cost of generic labs needs to be covered by sponsors (‘lab partners’), where as company labs need to be paid for by the companies or organisations (‘lab clients’) A transparent budgeting system is in place. 

How to approve someone who wants to join your project

  • option 1: click on the email you received
  • option 2: go to your notifications on your profile

Inviting users

  • You can invite people to your project that are not registered, when clicking invite users on your project
  • You can invite already registered members by going on their profile and clicking on the Project Invite button

Linking your Work to Project

When you have joined a project, you can link your work to that project. Go to your work, go to edit work, and adjust link work there

Adding Ideas

When you have joined a project, you are free to add ideas there


Adult content 

Refrain from posting work that depicts sexual acts, more extreme or graphic nudity, highly offensive content or graphically violent content. We also don't allow content that clearly is intended to promote hatred. 


Respect Intellectual Property Rights 

Don't present other people's work as your own or overstate your own role in creating something. Don't use other people's trademarks without permission. If you want to report misuse of your own creative work or your own trademark by one of our users, mail 

Respect Privacy 

Don't use ADDICTLAB to reveal private information about other people. And don't upload photographic portraits or nude images of identifiable people unless you have their permission.