Find a Lab Ambassador

Why be a labclient?

  • You want to be an out of the box thinking brand or organisation
  • Looking for innovation & new ideas
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Executional power - making ideas happen.

Why be a labmember?

  • Your chance of showing your talent
  • Step in projects to think with us
  • Apply for jobs, publications, exhibits
  • Learn to think out of the box
  • It’s free

How to speak Labbie

I’m a LABBIE: I’m a labmember and a student.

I’m a LABRESEARCHER: I’m running a project on the Addictlab website.

I’m a LABAMBASSADOR: I’m helping out, I’m on the lookout for new talent and inspirational stories from my city. I regularly update my city’s addictlab page.

CURATED CROWDSOURCING: collaborative yet non democratic ideation process.

SOCIAL MEDIA: opposite of a-social media.

BOX: something to think out.

INSPIRATION SHOWER: yourownlab package to get you inspired.

CREATIVE X-RAY: yourownlab package to generate innovation.