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"Philography" is how she likes to call her profession, if it even exists, why not creating it ? Where philosophy meets photography, that's a definition that inspires Faryda Moumouh. She's driven by her passions in life like art, film, music, love but most of it photography. Why, because the photographic image is her way to communicate with the complex but gorgeous world outside with 20 years of experience. She likes to share this experiences with her students as a teacher. Her strong mind is inspired by the human conditions of daily life and the philosophical thoughts of Simone De Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre. Existentialism as a philosophy is a big theme in her work. Art is a-state-of-mind, a way of thinking and reflecting. She's a self made woman and her artistic work is pinheaded with an eye for exitence and being a pure humanist in this world where melancholy and beauty can come together. The images have a solitary nature and the photographes are stills, cinematographic, suggestive, open, with a feeling for beauty in life. ' Art has a more added value to my life than religion. I don’t need to listen to a human invention and that's why I'm an atheist. Being an artist defines my identity more than my background or roots. I’m an individualist and an existentialist. The notion that I am here and that I’m allowed to be here gives me the permission to claim my existence. That kind of freedom is almost sacred. I’d rather listen to myself in everything that I do.'



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