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Pierre Oskam

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The Netherlands


As Creative Director at Urban Reef and researcher/lecturer at Delft University of Technology, I blend my interest in regenerative future landscapes with design and education. With a PhD in Strategic Design and experience in Landscape Architecture, I am driven by a commitment to integrate ecological dynamics into urban spaces, while exploring advanced technologies, new media and bio-based materials.

As Associated Researcher at the Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, I am involved in research and network development on regenerative design, focusing on a framework for ecological perspectives in planetary practices.

Urban Reef’s team focuses on conceptualising, designing and realising bio-inclusive environments with 3D-printed samples. My role involves conceptual design, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and guiding pilot projects from ideation to execution and reflection.

I am always looking to connect with like-minded professionals, academics, students, and organisations passionate about creating open ended, thriving urban environments. Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate for realising regenerative futures!

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