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Introducing Christin Schäfer, a certified statistician who meticulously shaped her education and career around data, delving into machine learning research and managing data-driven systems for major European financial institutions. In 2015, she founded acs plus, data with care, a company dedicated to assisting partners in extracting value from data.

Beyond the realm of data, Christin has cultivated a lifelong passion for photography, transitioning seamlessly from analog to digital mediums. A former owner of a personal darkroom, she found solace in graphic work on the computer. Merging these worlds, Christin employs artistic algorithms to edit photos, giving rise to the current Eindruck Series.

The Eindruck Series challenges the prevailing norms in photography, particularly the loss of credibility and documentary properties in staged or generatively produced images.

In a world where photographs are deliberately used to impress, influence, and guide viewers, the series highlights the paradoxical nature of 'wahrnehmen', underscoring the ironic contrast between the German term's literal meaning—taking everything seen as true—and the stark reality that today's photographs often embody anything but truth.

As an artistic response, the Eindruck Series practices 'slow seeing.' By stripping away staging and overwhelming impressions, Christin invites viewers to engage in contemplative observation and reflection. Each artwork in the series is meticulously crafted from a photograph, with pixels rearranged through randomness and algorithms.

The development of an 'Eindruck' prompts a reconsideration of the significance of the first impression derived from a photograph. Christin's work challenges us to move beyond quick glances, urging us to invest time, patience, interest, and openness in understanding the representation and the depicted. It embodies an ever-renewing concept of slow seeing, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and contemplation.

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