Addictlab website finally back online.

Collective tool from 1997 back online with focus on collective intelligence and sustainable development goals

Geneva, 12 feb 2020.

Addictlab is a bottom-up and self-managed cultural platform, that guests creative thinkers from all disciplines and cultures, aiming to create a global display for cultures and ideas through networking and to improve local talents empowerment.

The lab started in 1997 with exhibitions, publishing the so called Ad!dict magazines and creating an online presence. In 2016 the site boasted over 5000 members from over 120 countries and over 10000 concepts, before it was hacked and needed to shut down.  Over 35 books and magazines were published on different themes. Every magazine done by another selection of over 150 creative thinkers.

The new site uses Addictlab's creative disciplines as a navigation system and a focus on the SDGs for projects and publications.

Share ideas & educate : The Addictlab Academy is our educational department developing tools to create awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals , Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) and create a holistic approach on education