Tthe futur of jobs - Cité Des Métiers

From Tuesday 22 to 27 November at Palexpo

An innovative SDG awareness and educational  project

Session 1: Teaching

Throughout the months of October and November, Addictlab received a mandate to teach about the SDGs in all Geneva public schools. The two hour session consisted of two parts : a TikTok like quiz, with 17 movies and questions for the students to answer. What do they know, or what do they think to know on each of the SDGs? Even the teachers joined in.

The second part of the lesson is collaborative ideation: what ideas do the students have for the future? For their future.  How can they change it? Crazy ideas welcome too. All these ideas where then translated into future jobs. These future and sometimes irreal job, linked to the SDGs, are presented at the Job Fair in Geneva that drew 90.000 visitors in a past edition.

Session 2 :  Cité des Métiers.

The future jobs and ideas are presented, and visiting students can take on a mission. The booth will have about 50 missions based on the ideas of the students in session 1. A mission card states a project from one of the schools, and invites the kids to visit other booth holders to ask for their opinion. That opinion given by the expert, is then recorded and projected on a large Voxel screen in the booth. 

Addictlab will set up a mini fab lab space, present ongoing projects such as turning an electric vehicle into a mini mobile lab or do recycling workshops. The booth will also be the editorial space for the SDGzine nr 3. Throughout the week this SDGzine will grow, and the aim is to publish right after the booth! 

The Cité des Métiers