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Creative Chemistry Card kit

3 unique decks of cards for brainstorming, ideation and profiling

Price: €150


The Creative Chemistry Table was created 20 years ago by Jan Van Mol when he founded Ad!dict Creative Lab. The aim : mixing creative disciplines, to get inspiration from other fields and cultures, and obtain more depth in the creation process. During the years, Ad!dict Creative Lab – or addictlab – conducted numerous brainstorming sessions, published over 35 books or magazines, and set up ideation processes for companies and organisations going from the Thalys trains, Lexus, Diesel, the chocolate and the design industry, to governments, cities and regions.

Today, the Creative Chemistry table consists of 140 disciplines or human ‘capabilities’, 76 character cards, the 17 sustainable development goals and more. This card set is a concrete package from a proven methodology to allow groups of people and individuals to think out of the box.The sets are used by Addictlab for its own research and creative think tank projects, and by YourOwnLab for its clients and third parties needing innovation and transformation, and by the Addictlab Academy for innovation in education through the school lab and science education projects. The card set is divided into different categories and is a unique tool for collective intelligence:

  • profiling based on skills & passion
  • out of the box brainstorming sessions & ice breakers
  • strategic reflections
  • business modelling
  • ideation & cocreation
  • student orientation
  • personal introspection