#154 2012_Place= (Intelligence + Color):(Consciousness:Time)

2012_Place= (Intelligence + Color):(Consciousness:Time)_101 × 151 × 15 cm

lightbox (acrylic and collage on Plexiglas in wooden frame)

Courtesy AMVK, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp, and Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin


This work deals with "cityness", with urbanism, rhythm and inner nature. It is one of a series of works i made under the name "Respecting the Eternal Balance". They all started from the "soul" that I experienced in a certain city or place where I have been or wanted to be in the past twenty years. These light boxes should not give themselves away immediately. Hence the three- dimensionality, the visible layering and the possibility to look in. They go from the outside to the inside. On the one hand they deal with togetherness and universalism, with collectivity. On the other hand, with cities and appropriation, and also with how the pressure from the environment on the living body becomes so big that language appears. The "soul" of a city can be linked to personal emotions but also derives its identity from the variety of measurements and divisions, the rhythms inherent in buildings and streets. In urbanisation, that defines the character of a given city. It is this contemporary impact of the place on collective consciousness that I transform into transcendence. This work represents Shanghai.


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