#155 2012_Tiefen, dir zugekehrt (Depths, Turned towards You)

2012_Tiefen, dir zugekehrt (Depths, Turned towards You)

digital image, various measurements

Courtesy AMVK, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp, and Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin

Part of a series of seven, named Contextual Playmates. Based on seven pages from the magazine French Playmate, published in Copenhagen in 1968, supplemented by seven variations of a central abstract image. It’s about elimination and censorship.

The work contains a mandala that adds energy and strength to the sex-laden message of giving and taking. There’s an explanation of four steps on what mental action you have to perform with this image – for your own wellbeing.




  • a. from shadow
  • b. to substance
  • c. from vagueness
  • d. towards precision




  • Und du wartest, erwartest das Eine,
  • das dein Leben unendlich vermehrt;
  • das Mächtige, Ungemeine,
  • das Erwachen der Steine,
  • Tiefen, dir zugekehrt.


(Aus: Erinnerung, Aus: Das Buch der Bilder van R.R. RIlke)

  • Culture/Art

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