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Our initiative to install designated cigarette butt disposal bins near Lake Geneva is driven by the fundamental goal of preserving the natural beauty of the area. The introduction of these bins seeks to address the visual impact of cigarette butt litter, which has the potential to detract from the pristine surroundings. Through clear signage and information on the bins, we aim to educate the community about the importance of utilizing these disposal points to maintain the aesthetic appeal of Lake Geneva. The strategic placement of cigarette butt disposal bins is not only a commitment to aesthetics but also a crucial step in addressing health and safety concerns. Cigarette butts, if improperly discarded, pose a fire hazard, especially in dry conditions. By strategically locating disposal bins, we actively mitigate this risk, ensuring the safety of the community and the protection of natural habitats. Information on the bins will highlight their role in fire prevention and contribute to a safer environment. 

Our versatile bins easily attach to existing structures—be it bins, lampposts, or food trucks. But we don't stop there; we're elevating impact through QR codes on each bin. Scan to unveil the harsh reality of cigarette butt pollution, connecting you to ongoing cleanup efforts led by NGOs like CIPEL and initiatives such as Stop2Drop. Our bins boast smart features: solar-powered lighting for nighttime visibility and the pièce de résistance? An innovative sensor triggers a sound  reshaping behaviors one drop at a time.

According to the current waste management system in Geneva, cigeratte butts are disposed as household waste and are incinerated. However, the plastic material of cigeratte butt can be recycled and made into new products. We connect with recycling companies to dispose the collected cigeratte butts and use them for new plastic products such as ashtrays, shipping pallsts, or plastic lumber. 

Acknowledging potential skepticism surrounding the innovative design and messaging employed, there exists a concern that these endeavors may inadvertently reinforce smoking behavior. In response to this concern, our strategy incorporates two psychological and behavioral approaches. Primarily, we leverage the established social norms surrounding smoking, capitalizing on pre-existing attitudes and behaviors within the community. Through the strategic reinforcement of messages that underscore societal norms, individuals are more likely to contemplate smoking cessation when they perceive the behavior as socially undesirable or observe a prevailing trend of others abandoning the habit. Furthermore, in our conscientious campaign addressing water pollution and disseminating pertinent information about Swiss society, our objective is to systematically capitalize on the established societal norms and regulations. By doing so, we anticipate a gradual alignment of public behavior with the intended environmental and societal objectives.

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