#409 Art Impact For Health and SDGs Incubator

Art is the expression of creativity that allows us to know ourselves more and more deeply and to share. Dancing, playing music, singing, sculpting, painting, writing poetry etc.  Art is also a practice that helps to maintain a connection with nature and the essence of creation. I was able to rediscover the power of art when my husband died and turn this tragedy into a hymn to life and to bringing out the best in ourselves. I am now on a quest to reach out to the world and engage other artists, entrepreneurs, researchers and visionaries to realise the importance of each person's potential. This quest is based on the meaning of existence at the deepest level (where we come from, what we do and with what quality of intention and where we are going) combining the arts accentuates communication and interaction. I discovered this gradually during artistic exchanges when using my art in my work at WHO on health and the Sustainable Development Goals.  On an international or local level, I have rediscovered its phenomenal power to put collective intelligence into action.  I see a similarity with a conductor who integrates and amalgamates all the disciplines and expertise of each person. Art brings a humanistic and benevolent vision.

I have produced series of International art exhibits and art expression workshops to support countries. International art exhibitions were able to identify and present a retrospective of a set of initiatives, both individual and collective at the global level, demonstrating through artistic representations and testimonies of resilience journeys how art can impact the meaning of life, the notion of well-being. The aspect relating to social support for the most vulnerable and marginalized people in local communities has allowed to federate in practice an approach consisting in ‘leaving no one behind’. These exhibition have demonstrated how multidisciplinary artistic humanist approaches can be combined in the fields of health, education, and social entrepreneurship. 

  • Applied Arts/Art Direction
  • Applied Arts/Interactive Art
  • Applied Arts/Performing Arts
  • Culture/Art
  • Culture/Heritage
  • Design/User Experience
  • Humanities/HealthCare
  • Public Sphere/International development

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