#410 Peru Art Impact For Health

The vision of Art Impact For Health is where science and art complement each other to allow an inventive dialogue between people. Linked by their end goal that of the search for an understanding of the world and of life, scientists and specifically Health professionals and artists can use their own specificities to reciprocally demonstrate the ethos of the other. The vision of Art Impact For Health is to value Art and Culture in hospital environment as innovative strategy to contribute to Health For All and as a mechanism for children and adults to be empowered through self-expression, understanding and appreciation to advance their own health over the course of their life and demonstrate impact of humanization of care in practice through Culture & Health programs and broad stakeholders engagement

  • Applied Arts/Art Direction
  • Applied Arts/Interactive Art
  • Applied Arts/Performing Arts
  • Culture/Heritage
  • Humanities/HealthCare
  • Public Sphere/International development

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