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Jewellery designer specializing in recycled materials. Using my love for creation and design, along with my passion for sustainability to create a brand that challenges our perceptions of waste and where we place value.

I am the creative director and owner of CURA jewellery, a sustainable jewellery brand based in Lausanne, Switzerland. CURA is a unique jewellery brand in the fact that waste plastic is used to create unique & beautiful jewellery. Discarded HDPE plastic in the form of bottle tops & detergent bottles are collected, cleaned, melted and formed into precious jewels that are not only beautiful, but are lightweight & can be recycled again. Whilst in search of eco-friendly accessories, I discovered that a lot of jewellery today is made from resin and acetate- virgin, petroleum based materials that are not only harmful in their production, but are difficult/impossible to recycle. In a world of ‘fast-fashion’ and overconsumption of virgin materials, I wanted to create accessories that combat these issues and raise awareness. CURA’s core values are built around ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, ‘recycle’, with all parts of the business focused on being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

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