#348 HackaHealth Living Lab

HackaHealth is an association that supports the development of personnalized solutions for and with people with disabilities, in order to improve and facilitate their daily life. We organize annual hackathons, where engineers, developers, makers and therapists work together with a person with a disability (a challenger) to create prototypes tackling daily life challenges.

We have so far developed 24 solutions!

This year, we launched a Living Lab Series, to continue working on the great prototypes developped during the hackathons. The participants meet on a regular basis in a co-creation space, to improve the solutions made during the hackathon and deliver them to our challengers. The goal is also to encourage exchanges and inclusion, in a playful atmosphere!

1. Adaptive brake system

This project, initiated during our 2021 hackathon, makes it easier for someone born with hand deformities to brake on their bicycle. An initial prototype has been developed, and there is now the need to make the device more robust, waterproof, and comfortable. This solution could generally be used by people who have difficulty braking, whether due to a disability or pain in the hand.

2. The Dresser

This system aims to help people with limited mobility and who use wheelchairs to put on and take off their t-shirt/pullover during the day independently. During the 2020 hackathon, multiple approaches were studied and two tracks were deemed promising.



By Estelle Zuferey
  • Technology/Maker

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Hi Estelle can you post some of the actual solutions?