#373 Ks & Qs

Is a King worth more than a Queen?

Cards at face value, except King, Queen and Jack counts as 10. However the fact remains that the King is the highest ranking face card. 

It's just a game but hey it's another classic example of patriarchy. 

Gender equality will remain a distant dream unless we are conscious and being out the change in our everyday discourse.

It's about time we see through these unequal representations and stop accepting and normalizing male dominance. A society should be where women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all spheres of life. 

What's a Queen without her King?

The Queen of Absolutely Everything!

By Janie SL
  • Applied Arts /Illustration
  • Applied Arts/Crafts
  • Critical Thinking /Ideation
  • Public Sphere/Human Rights

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