#394 ‘Feminist approach’ to cancer could save lives

‘Feminist approach’ to cancer could save lives of 800,000 women a year

Gender inequality and discrimination impede timely diagnoses and quality care for women around the world.

Cancer is one of the biggest killers of women and ranks in their top three causes of premature deaths in almost every country on every continent.

But gender inequality and discrimination are reducing women’s opportunities to avoid cancer risks and impeding their ability to get a timely diagnosis and quality care, according to a report published in the Lancet on 26.9.2023 

The commission brought together a multidisciplinary and diverse team from around the globe. It included experts in gender studies, human rights, law, economics, social sciences, cancer epidemiology, prevention, and treatment, as well as patient advocates, to analyse how women around the world experience cancer.

“Our commission highlights that gender inequalities significantly impact women’s experiences with cancer. To address this, we need cancer to be seen as a priority issue in women’s health, and call for the immediate introduction of a feminist approach to cancer.”

The Lancet Commission on women, power and cancer 

Source: The Guardian, 26.9.2023


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