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Beauty For A Better World

At the moment we're all in a dark place due to the COVID-19 virus, a lot of creative people are self-isolating, many.... Read more...

Innovate Education

Ideas and projects for kids being educated in 2020. Mixing creative disciplines, such as art and technology. Rethin.... Read more...

SDGzine special school edition

Over 140 kids from the International School of Geneva were challenged in finding ideas on 24 issues directly relate.... Read more...

SDGzine 02

Collective magazine on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Girls can do anything

Girls can do anything

Launch party  & events - Zurich See more exhibitions



Drawing is an important part of the creative process. Be it for documenting, doodling, or creating art: join the Addictlab crew for a day of 1000 sketches. Come... See more exhibitions